Translation is more than just changing words from one language to another. Translation involves detailed processes which include:

  • Style Guide and Glossary Creation
  • Term database organizing
  • File conversion to the format that CAT tools can use
  • Analyzing source language in relation to the target languages
  • Translating text by native speakers who are aware of cultural sensitivity
  • Editing and proofreading translated text using linguistic quality index
  • File conversions to the format for build or DTP

The Excel-GITS translation team consists of in-house mother-language translators having the cultural understanding and industry knowledge to ensure the translation can produce the same impact as in the original language, but without causing any negative sentiment. The contracted translation specialists must qualify themselves by demonstrating their capabilities in terms of experience, product/tool knowledge and linguistic proficiency to ensure the quality. Clients can expect accuracy and consistency in terminology, tone and writing style.

Excel-GITS uses in-house developed and external CAT tools to automate steps in the translation process. All translations are conducted with the assistance of TM and terminology management tools to reduce the chance for human error, increase productivity; improve consistency, accuracy and efficiency; This can also help clients to correct some of their legacy terminology inconsistencies carried over from previous translation exercises. In addition, Excel-GITS uses version control management tools to maintain consistency among different versions of the products.