Quality Management

Our quality methodologies are similar to that of the CMMI models with the addition of the years of quality management experience in the software development/localization industry.

Excel-GITS Quality Management covers Quality Standards, Quality Assurance and Quality Control to consistently provide our clients with reliable, stable and required products.

Quality Standards consist of comprehensive Guidelines and Check Lists that are developed based upon the work process standards and clients’ requirements on deliverables. They are also designed with the experience on past projects, which provide the criteria details that should be met before a task is completed. These tools can enable us to keep track of any quality problems that might arise.

Quality Assurance in Excel-GITS encompasses procedures/system set in place to assure the compliance of, and to document, the whole development/localization processes covering both organization and work activities. These procedural documentations allow the teams to consistently produce quality results while avoiding potential pitfalls. These processes are part of our accumulated know-how that are adopted to ensure we leave nothing to chance when it comes to following Quality Assurance procedures.

Quality Control in Excel-GITS is to monitor specific project results to determine whether they comply with relevant quality standards; and to identify ways to eliminate the causes of unsatisfactory performance, in which the emphasis is on prevention rather than inspection. We have developed transposable and objective measurement methods to evaluate the tasks done by personnel/team. The methods also define the actions to be taken based upon the level of the measurement results.

Furthermore, based upon the quality standards, we continuously analyses the measurement data from the results of our audits. This would allow us to constantly revise and update our quality processes in order to deliver the quality that our clients not only expect but also deserve.