Excel-GITS offers software related services to IT technology companies, business corporations and government organizations. We are committed to providing innovative solutions, quality delivery, and experienced services to our clients. Our primary businesses are:

  • Onshore and offshore software development, testing & quality assurance, implementation & customization, and   ongoing maintenance & support.
  • Software localization & translation for multi-byte countries in Asia Pacific.

Excel-GITS has established a number of Software Centers in China to serve as resources pools for global technology product companies and IT consulting firms as their OEM software co-development offshore centers in China.

We also have a number of Client Project Offices in overseas countries providing direct interface and communication with offshore outsourcing clients/end-users to ensure accuracy of user requirements.

However, Excel-GITS goes beyond simply performing software development coding. Our software services are designed to cover the entire software cycle from creation to deployment to implementation.

In essence, we provide software enabling services to our clients, particularly as OEM Services Contractor to global technology companies, throughout the entire software cycles – from design to development, testing/quality assurance, localization, demo scripting/packaging, solution prototyping, implementation, customization and help-desk support.

In other words, we help our clients not only to reduce costs by performing software coding works offshore in China; but we also help them to achieve revenue growth by enabling their software and IT technologies to meet local requirements in Asia Pacific countries, and therefore marketable for these countries.

With the geographical coverage of the Excel Group in the Asia Pacific region, we can even help global IT technologies companies in product marketing and distribution, therefore providing complete software enabling services.