Software GLocalization

A great software has little meaning to those who cannot understand it and therefore cannot use it. It certainly will not generate revenue for the software maker. Therefore getting the software messages across to the target markets, both technically and linguistically, is the first step in selling a software. And localizing the marketing collaterals and the software is the key to the first step.

With the first localization project in the 1980s working to enable the IBM 5550 machine to run on Chinese characters, the Excel-GITS software localization team has more than 20 years of experience in the software localization practice in Asia Pacific. The Excel-GITS team has established itself as a leading software product localization expert for the major Asian language markets.

Add our network of linguist staff and partners in Asia Pacific, especially Japan and Korea, we are capable of serving as an Asian Multi-Language Vendor (“AMLV”) for single-contact solution covering Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and other Asian languages./p>

Moreover, Excel-GITS is one of the few software companies that combine capabilities in both offshore software development and software localization; which makes it possible to provide total solutions for clients in both engineering and linguistic expertise.

In addition to software internationalization and software localization services, Excel-GITS also provides Localization Centralization service, a process which can help to achieve simultaneous global release of different country language versions. Our team has done this before with several major global software product companies. Our team would be very happy to discuss further on how to setup a Localization Centralization Center.