Software Localization

With strong technical background because of our extensive software development experiences over a variety of platforms, Excel-GITS provides end-to-end solutions for software localization including application GUI, online help, documentation and website. This engineering technical strength makes us more competitive than many other software translation companies which often only possess linguistics skills and having to rely on other vendors for engineering support.

Software GUI Localization

Software GUI localization covers localization engineering, translation and testing of the software graphical user interface (GUI) components. Generally localization processes start with the software GUI translation, then followed by online help and user documentation. Rigorous processes are implemented to ensure all GUI strings are translated consistently for all software components/modules; and to apply this consistence cross-over to online help and user manuals.

On-Line Help Localization

Excel-GITS has a full set of capabilities to localize varieties of online help systems including WinHelp, HTML or XML based help such as HTML Help, JavaHelp, etc. Besides translation, we also offer services for on-line help localization engineering and testing.

Documentation Localization

Product documentation is an important part of any product development. Excel-GITS translation solutions support virtually all types of documentation content. We have significant experience with both electronic and printed documentation localization to ensure localized materials meet the target market’s cultural, linguistic, and business requirements. Our service includes translations, DTP as well as localization engineering.

Website Localization

Web contents are often generated dynamically using templates, scripts, backend applications and databases. Properly localizing a website and maintaining it for multiple languages can be a technically demanding task. With a knowledge and appreciation of local culture and Internet marketing, Excel-GITS offers consulting services for website GLocalization and apply the most advanced Internet technology and appropriate wording to help our clients in translation, website engineering, testing, publishing and server hosting.