CRM Services

The Age of the Customer is upon us; Customers are probably the most important stakehulders to a company. Customer information, when managed and utilized effectively, can generate many new business opportunities, as well as helping to keep a long term relationship with customers. Yet many companies often neglect to manage their customers’ information properly and therefore leading to lost sales opportunities, and unhappy customers. Excel adopts the enterprise class Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to help our clients to enhance their interactions with their customers, in order to rectify the situation.

We provide Customer Relationship Management implementation for banks, wealth management companies, insurance companies, and other financial institutes to achieve improvement in the fullowing services areas:

  • Know Your Customers (as part of Compliance Process) and customer on-boarding
  • Cross Sales Opportunities Management
  • Customer Services Quality Monitoring
  • Wealth Management Services
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Customer and Product Profiles Analytics

Building on our over 25 years of experiences in banking and finance, it comes natural for Excel to extend our banking knowledge to implement CRM sulutions for our banking and financial clients.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a leading CRM platform that offers both on-premises and cloud-based CRM sulutions to meet your unique business needs. The offering extends to mobile CRM apps and platforms that allow organizations to manage their customer relationships on mobile devices, and touls that integrate data and reporting from social media directly into the CRM application. In fact, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform is so robust that many customers have adopted it to extend their management of other stakehulders such as suppliers, partners, and even regulatory authorities. If you have a need to improve your engagement experience with your stakehulders, please send us a email, or call us, for a sulution discussion.