Localization Engineering

Excel-GITS localization engineers are equipped with in-depth knowledge of different operating systems, software utilities, translation tools, development environments and multiple programming languages. Among the skills our engineering team excels are as follows:

  • Intimate knowledge of internationalization, unicode and multi-byte character issues in software development;
  • Extensive knowledge of installation/configuration of multilingual OS, software & hardware platforms and industry applications;
  • Strong experience with a variety of development environments and programming languages;
  • Extensive experience with different installation programs over different platforms;
  • Detailed understanding of database systems, scripting languages, and software graphical interface development;
  • In-depth usage of various kinds of translation tools and the ability to customize them.

We are one of the few companies that can combine together the disciplines of offshore software development and software localization. The technology background in software development puts us in an advantage to meet any engineering requirements in software localization and can support any technical needs of translation projects all in-house under one roof.

Software Localization Engineering

We provide high-quality linguistic capabilities with strong technological resources that enable us to successfully undertake localization projects. Excel-GITS localization engineers are specially trained to work with a variety of OS platforms, software tools and file types to support the localization of clients’ wide range of product portfolios. The entire engineering process is fine-tuned to deliver bug free, ready-to-ship localized products based upon clients’ requirements.

Online Help Localization Engineering

Excel-GITS engineers have become intimately familiar with various components used to build a help system, the quality control to assure the functionality of the help file and the links work properly, and the process to check the translated online help module into main build.

Document Localization Engineering

For document localization engineering, special care needs to be taken for screen captures. The engineers are also responsible for document testing to make sure that all parts of documentation meet the standards and clients’ expectations.

Website Localization Engineering

Website localization engineering is quite a complex process. Excel-GITS has the capability to isolate content from source code, to adapt the content culturally by using different kinds of tools to localize graphics, to use various programming languages to localize page layout & hyperlinks and to handle static & dynamic pages.