Knowledge Management

Based upon the projects we have serviced for various clients over the years, Excel-GITS has accumulated a wealth of software projects know-how, and have been transferring that knowledge into new software management tools and techniques.

We have even defined a mechanism to maintain the knowledge in database for our members to access these materials by authorization level in order to pass on the knowledge and foster the culture of discipline. The captured knowledge covers all aspects from development/translation methods to quality assurance flows and procedures, and from communication skills to industry knowledge. Since the knowledge database is open for each member based upon their respective authorization, each member can be trained according to his/her knowledge level and project requirement at anytime. This is especially useful for getting new recruits to become productive more quickly by allowing the flexibility in training on-the-job.

Also using the knowledge database, we conduct regular internal training sessions and seminars to allow our staff to share project experience, and technical or project tips in order to improve the efficiency and quality of our services to customers. Before a project starts, a lot of coaching and discipline reinforcement is given to ensure that what is learned is also applied in our work. We make sure all the members involved are completely aware of all facets of the stringent QA procedures and receive very well-organized information so that they can quickly and professionally handle most critical projects.