We believe that if Excel-GITS is to become a world-class company, we do not only have to serve our customers well, we must also look after our surrounding communities, especially in a developing economy such as China. Only when our surrounding communities become more advanced in their economic development that they can spend more in IT deployment, which in turn provides for future growth.

But instead of spreading our care too widely over too many community issues, we focus our scope of caring to areas we can make the most significant contribution. For instance, we work with local universities in China to formulate their Software Engineering programs. Our experienced expatriate managers stationed in China also often volunteer to provide free lectures and training sessions for engineering students in universities.

On a larger scale, we work continuously with Chinese universities to explore funding sources both in China and from overseas to assist poor students to enter universities for Software Engineering programs.

Caring for our communities is also a great way to share our belief in making a difference.