Project Management

We are perfectly aware that development/localization work is judged not only by the quality of the end product, but also by the quality of communication between clients and Excel-GITS, the presentation of the deliverable and report, and the ability to perform the work within the customer’s budget and timeframe.

Excel-GITS’ project managers are empowered to handle all project related details. His/her role is to coordinate the different internal and external resources required to successfully implement the project, to track the project progress, to make sure of rigorous project execution, and to properly handle client change requests for the project scope. Our clients can rely on us for the followings:

Good communication The project manager in Excel-GITS serves as a single contact point for each project and maintains an open and effective communication channel between our clients and Excel-GITS teams at all time.

This is to enable Excel-GITS team to understand clients’ requirements clearly and to allow both sides to monitor and control the project progress effectively. Any issues customers raised regarding the project are responded immediately. Excel-GITS’ project mangers have been trained to give no surprises to clients.

Attention to details A project plan detailing the work items, schedule, major milestones, dependencies and resource requirements serves as a guide to the Excel-GITS project team throughout the project’s execution. The project managers in Excel-GITS have extensive experiences in development/localization projects and have been trained as effective and proficient technical problem-solvers. They have the abilities to handle any detailed issues raised in the projects and to identify potential problems before they arise.

Pro-activeness Due to the discipline in attending to details, our clients can always rely on Excel-GITS project mangers’ to provide information in a precise, effective manner. We actually would pro-actively in releasing any information that would be useful to the clients or expecting to impact the projects. Project Managers in Excel-GITS are customer satisfaction driven, and are focused on continuous services improvement by all means. As an important part for our product and process quality improvement, at the end of a project, each project manager in Excel-GITS prepares a postmortem review to serve as a base for discussion between Excel-GITS and customers.

Tool Usage Excel-GITS applies various tools to manage projects with the ultimate goal of improving team services and performance. We use various kinds of management tools covering project plan, file management, source & version control management, and risk management, etc.