Software Development

Our Software Development & Support Service is designed to provide cost-effective & quality software development support to user enterprises, as well as providing subcontracting services to global technology companies, throughout the entire software cycles – from design to development, testing/quality assurance, demo scripting/packaging, solution prototyping, implementation, customization and help-desk support. Our software development centers are set out to develop mainframe and open systems software packages for mass marketing, individual client custom application development, and ongoing enhancements on existing systems.

A detailed description of our services is as follows:

Software Development

  • Architecture & system design
  • Programming & testing
  • Legacy application platform porting, migration & software re-engineering (especially from mainframe to open system)
  • Packaged software customizations for local country regulatory, common practice or end-user specified requirements
  • Software integration among different software packages
  • Multi-byte enabling & country locale alignment


Software Testing & Quality Assurance

  • Function, System & Integration testing
  • Performance monitoring & benchmarking


Software Presales Preparation

  • General software demo or extensive industry demo construction
  • End-user specified software prototyping
  • Technical materials translation
  • Demo environment setup (both hardware & software)


Software Consulting, Implementation & Training

  • On-site installation, implementation, & performance tuning
  • Client internal IT team technology training
  • End-user software functionality training


Software Maintenance & Support

  • Software Version & Service Packs Release control
  • Help-desk support center for FLS and SLS
  • End-user software customization & upgrade


Mainframe Systems & Applications

Worth mentioning is the Excel-GITS Software Development Centers in China are among the very few software centers in China still maintaining a mainframe practice. The Excel-GITS team actually is perhaps the first people in China to start providing mainframe software development services to overseas clients by first doing double-byte enabling works on IBM mainframe software. In the past 10 years or more, the team has since provided software development, enhancement, maintenance, and Y2K services on many mainframe software projects for overseas clients. Our current Mainframe clients are almost exclusively in the financial industry from overseas.