Localization testing refers to testing of the localized product on linguistic, function and cosmetic aspects to verify translation is accurate, culturally sensitive, the tested software products/online help/document/website are technically and functionally correct, and layout & appearance of software dialog box, menu and message are appropriate.

Test cases/plans and bug reports are important factors in the testing process. Using the strong test case building capabilities, and our in-depth understanding of the linguistic and functional issues, we know exactly what to look for and how to look for during the exercise. To fix the bugs efficiently, we have defined how to write bug reports to include clear and detailed description of the steps required to reproduce the bugs on the target language operating systems to make sure that the local language versions look good and function properly.

Localization testing within Excel-GITS is supported by strong technical expertise. Our competitive advantages are as follows:

  • Technical experience across many different operating systems and environments;
  • Product experience in multiple industries;
  • Systematic test procedures and a well-established test management system;
  • Native speakers in project teams for testing projects with specific requirements.

Excel-GITS also provides service for independent 3rd party linguistic or technical checks, initial testing, functionality testing, compatibility testing and final testing. From our numerous projects in the past, we have gained extensive experiences and knowledge in localization testing issues. Hence, Excel-GITS could add tremendous value to software products by performing the pre-market launch localization testing.