The photos posted on this website are the works of Excel’s employees. Excel strives to provide an environment for our staff to maintain a balance between their work and personal lives. We treasure and encourage creativity in our staff.

Company Value

From a certain perspective, Excel-GITS is more like a religious community of believers than a company. We do not wear habits, nor do we live in communes or monasteries, but we certainly hold a central belief that we can make a difference in the world of software. Or more specific, we believe we exist to help make progress in Greater China's software industry.

We all have a passion to demonstrate we can deliver great software from Greater China with world-class quality. And we do it not for just making a living, or just running a business, we do it because we simply enjoy doing it. We take great pride and pleasure in producing software for our customers.

We carry on our belief through six fundamental elements:

Passion - A passion throughout the company to deliver the best performance

Innovation - A continuous innovation in our service offerings inspired by the insight gained from years of project deliveries.

Excellence - A strict discipline in observing processes to drive for excellence in software delivery.

Respect - A respect for our customers to foster trust for long-term relationships.

Integrity - To cultivate and preserve integrity in our people to lead ourselves to go farther in the long run.

Care - A care of our surrounding communities to nurture for future growth.

It is by building upon these six essential elements that we can ive our beliefs and become A Solid Partner to our employees, customers, shareholders and communities.